Brass Bands: The Up and Cometh

I love my brass bands ❤ Take a look at what I wrote for 6/8 Records!

By Allison Duggan, Label Manager

Featured image: Rebirth Brass Band

At age 13, I switched from orchestra to percussion. My reasonings were that I was sick of violin, and knew my orchestra teacher in high school was not going to be able to train me in cello (I still look back, daydreaming the “what if’s” of such a majestic instrument). Also, I still needed to be just like my sister, and be a badass percussionist.

At age 14, I was told that I was not at the level to continue through high school (womp womp), and that was when I switched to bassoon and saxophone.  It was an exciting time, new instruments, new exposure to learning, but I still missed playing the drums (even though, let’s face it, I was not the best of players).  Years later though, I was able to get back into a grooving spot, and joined…

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WHM Playlists!

This playlist collection rocks my socks!

As March comes to a close so does Women’s History Month, so let’s take a moment to praise some pretty kick ass female musicians.

Here are some other pretty awesome Women’s History Month playlists:

Hillary Clinton – Women’s History Month Playlist 

Spotify – #WHM2017 The Hits

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Why I Escape With Music

Thank you @68records for letting me share my blog on your platform!

By Allison Duggan, Label Manager

Working in the music industry is tough.  Long hours, pitching to different vendors, clients, and artists, making sure everything is organized before a big event and/or project.  Plus the commute back home, where sometimes you need to finish up where you started once you woke up.

Working at a start-up record label is a lot of work on its own, but having a business on the side adds up. I am a freelance composer, meaning whenever I have a project at hand to write for a short film, a commercial, or for a pitch to a prospective web series, I need to make time to create content for a project, practice, and continuously write ideas.

At one point, this turned into a stressPhoto on 1-10-15 at 7.55 PM for me, since I made it not only a priority, but also a disciplined plan-of-action after everyday of work. I made my life…

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Music of Stars: My Rankings of Oscar-Nominated Songs

A blog I wrote for the wonderful 6/8 Records!

It’s that time of year again! The magic of movies shines bright over Los Angeles as creatives prepare for the biggest awards night of the year.  This past year has brought along many extraordinary films such as La La Land, Moonlight, Trolls, Jim: The James Foley Story, and Fences. 

For me, I have always been blown away by a movie’s score.  How a film and music dance together in a visual and audio experience makes the movie speak louder than a movie that is barely scored with random bands put into the film.  However, a song written for a film can make the film speak just as loud, or louder than the score, adding more feeling to a particular scene. My favorite has always been somewhere_over_the_rainbow.gif
“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, performed by Judy Garland for The Wizard of Oz.  Her singing about a better tomorrow and beauty in a world…

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What This Election Cannot Change

Check out this really amazing blog I wrote for @6/8 Records. So much feeling with this post!

Allison Duggan, Label Manager

To be apolitical, the past year has been a dividing one for our country. We have faced backlash from each other, violence, harassment, shootings and plenty of events that were linked to the election and to the state of our country.  We are raw from the past election, and no matter what side one has voted for, the fight continues.

Music is a strong force, and a strong force that we should use to not only heal but to use to express ourselves and create a movement. As Leonard Bernstein so eloquently put it…leonard-bernstein-quotes-4-1372770545-view-0.jpg

You need to create art and make it even more powerful during the most difficult times. This quote was stated afterKennedy’s Assassination, when the country was in utter despair and shock of President John F. Kennedy’s demise. Bernstein curated a concert to commemorate the emotions he felt as well as how the country…

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Women in Music: The Playlist

I wrote about the amazing women from Women in Music! Check it out!

6/8 Records Team

What a great world we lead! So many organizations out there that cater to all in the music industry, especially to women. Many of us at 6/8 Records  are members of Women in Music (WIM), which caters to both men and women who want to advance the awareness, equality, diversity, heritage, opportunities, and cultural aspects of women in the musical arts through education, support, empowerment, and recognition (women in music, about).  Not only by joining are you invited to online forums, but also invited to seminars, networking events, parties, and other interactive events that help musicians and music industry folks grow.

Last week, WIM professionals created a playlist of many of the artists involved in this organization. Please take a listen, follow, and get to know the Women in Music who are making music amazing!

Like what you see? Join Women in Music here!


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“Women of the World-We Have a Voice”-How Lissie Made Me Feel Empowered as a Woman

Take at a blog I wrote for @6/8 Records!

Allison Duggan, Label Manager

It boggles my mind that in this day and age women still have to fight for their rights to a healthy and prosperous life.

In the United States, we are currently facing a war with our government over the fate of Planned Parenthood, which provides millions of women the healthcare they need in order to live healthy lives. This past month, the organization ran a series of ads against GOP leaders who have voiced their opinions and votes to defund this non-profit orgCarol McDonaldanization “Each one of these Republican Senate candidates has voted to defend Planned Parenthood and staked out positions that threaten millions of women across this country,” Deirdre Schifeling, the executive director of Planned Parenthood Votes said in a press release. “Not only is this agenda dangerous, but it is incredibly unpopular.” -Planned Parenthood Representative (Marina Fang, Huffington Post, Oct. 2016)

The United States has…

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Top Ten Female Rockers You Must Pay Attention To

Hey! I wrote a blog for @68recordsnyc

Check out some great female rockers!

Allison Duggan, Label Manager, September 2nd, 2016

 When did we decide that rock was dead? Ann and Nancy Wilson are still rocking it, proving that their music is still chill-giving at the 2012 Kennedy Center Honors. Melissa Etheridge is making noise still, proving that rock and soul are in the same roots. Women have always made a mark in music, whether it be pop, rock, or R&B. In a world that is fascinated and focused on pop music, it is time to give these rock goddesses an ear to listen to.  Women are still making a huge impact on rock music, and these ten artists are not only shredding, but belting, performing, and writing their feelings away as much as their predecessors.

10.Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards-Deep Valley

A small duo with a whole ‘lotta sound! Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards tear it up with an 80s metal…

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An Angry World: Shooting Death of Philando Castile Marks a National Epidemic

Perfect writing…so much truth in this article…we need to stop hate

The Neighborhood

His energy ran low and he collapsed outside of the community church. Completely out of breath, Brooklyn looked up at the distinguished steeple and screamed at the top of his lungs, “Why don’t you help us! Why don’t you come back and help us!” – excerpt from An Angry World


Shooting Death of Philando Castile Marks A National Epidemic
Falcon Heights Minnesota

by Kendall F. Person

Everything about this one was wrong, even this sentence. So many shootings of Black men in America by officers of the law who are sworn to protect and serve, occurring so often, that we now have frames of references. So openly violent, that if not for the entirety of the gripping and ultimately tragic video – the voice of the little girl, the darkness which amplified the sound, the epic breakdown of an incredibly strong woman, who held it together and broadcast her plight to…

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