Sometimes I want a Perfect World

Yea, we all shine on-John Jennon

If we lived in a perfect world, our children would be learning, growing, imagining, and not ashamed of what is “not normal”. We wouldn’t have to protest for our rights due to our sexuality and/or race, petition to keep our rights due to our gender, side with a religion in fear of losing control, but rather practice religion to further our souls and well being. And we wouldn’t need politicans, because to be one, you have to have blood and dirt on your hands, and that would be uncalled for. We do not live in this world, but it sure would be great to get close to this world. This is how I feel, and I stand for equality, imagination, peace, prosperity, and united minds with different viewpoints, but with respect.

To all of us with dreams for a better future with their hands filled with ambition and heart of love…I salute you!

My two cents✌


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