Younger Brother-All I Want-The Experience of Sound

All I Want by Younger Brother, 2011

I am researching music for a play I am writing for.  I was told to experience this song. Not listen. Not take note. Experience.

It is quite amazing to experience music, rather than study it.  It is a journey that you want to take as a musician, whether the outcome is great or not so great.

So as I am experiencing this song, I am realizing how little I am analyzing.  Amazing.  All that time studying notes, passages, composers, etc, and I get to throw it away.  So hard to do when one is so analytical and anal-retentive.  But I am doing it.  I am suddenly down a wormhole–colors and shapes all around me. I am swimming in images, either those already created or those imagined. I am free, but once the music picks up, I am running.  I put my hand on my pulse, and for the first time in months, it is steady, but on beat with the music.  Something I missed, and probably needed for those long cold days I endured.

Why am I writing this as a blog post?  Well, it is important to measure experiences, as well as share them.  But I also feel that it is important that musicians remember that this is why they play, perform, pitch, and promote.  The experience music gives.  You can sit there and study music while others have heads swaying and eyes are closed.  Good!  You are understanding how they compiled sounds to fit to the ears pleasure spot and non pleasure spots.  But are you experiencing it?  Some say yes, but I feel like if you put yourself into the sound, really put your feet, hands, nose, hips, legs, straight into the music,and let it control you for the time it plays, you are in it.  And that is the best gift music can give you.

So for all of those who are in the business of music, and want it to thrive, live in the music and feel it.  When all feel it, it will become the power it needs to be to thrive. And not only feel it, tell others to feel it!  Experiencing music can only make it grow, once people understand why it makes us move.


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