Lyrics Tuesday! #2

As a composer, I find written words to be something beautiful and musical. When certain words collide together, it is like hearing a crisp chord playing with full body and emotion.  This is probably why I have a tough time finding books that speak to me, because I perceive words as song, and thus, if the writing does not sing to me, then I cannot testify its meaning.

Nothing more detains me than forced writing, or even writing large words for the sake of writing them.  It is like puffing one’s feathers to show off the colors, hiding the lack of story.

So when I tell people that I think of words as notes, and books as music, they then think I do not like pop music.  Which is entirely not true.  I just don’t like it forced.  Which is why I am on and off with Taylor Swift (more on that next post…yes. I will be writing a blog regularly…this will be a thing 😉 ).

So hence why I feel the need to share lyrics that speak to me every week.  Not only my own lyrics, but others as well.  We think songwriting most of the time is a good beat with great rhyming.  But sorry to all the Tituses out there, but without good lyrics that flow in the air within the music, you have something that sounds fake, vanilla, and not relatable.  (The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, 2015, Episode 6)


So, this is why I do what I do, and why I back up amazing lyrics!

Here are lyrics from the talented Gina Gajdosik, with her song that she wrote for her upcoming movie, Make Me Blush.  Follow her and the process of the movie here, as well as #makemeblushmovie  and ‪#‎TeamMMB‬!

Without further ado, lyrics!

Animal Extinct
While Burly men over-fish the Bering Sea,
Diners in Chinatown drink their tea
Waiting for the King of Kings to appear
Break his legs my dear!
Rhinos, tigers and gorillas share a similar fate,
So few in numbers, it’s nearly too late,
To save the species of dying breeds,
From man’s ignorance and misdeeds
We’ll beat our chest and howl, the endangered few
While our planet is heating, our ozone depleting,
It’s our primitive instinct, we’re animal extinct!
Poachers wait on the beach where you hide your eggs,
Hungry for your valued shell, they eat your legs,
Then take away the leather,
man is a dangerous predator
Pollution, disease and habitat loss
What’s to become of us,
life’s last call,
Kyoto Protocol
Loss of Artic snow and ice is leading to your demise
Of numbers once thousands strong and wise,
Of where to look for kelp and seal
With man’s own hand to finish the deal
Eight Belles and all is not well,
Galloping out and she crossed
Four hundred thousand dollars won
But a filly is painfully lost
We’ll beat our chest and howl, the endangered few
While our planet is heating, our ozone depleting, 
it’s our primitive instinct, we’re animal extinct!

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