Periscope and Why I love this new technology!

Many people are talking about the unknown future of Twitter, but they have not seen Periscope coming.

What is this Persicope?

Periscope is a live-interactive app in which you can film yourself at an event, live sessions, what have you, and in response, it streamed live from twitter, where people can tweet their responses, like your moments, and share your video, while you are still live and filming!

I got a taste of this amazing tool at a recent Film Interchange event, and am so excited that I was able to discuss music supervision to the thousands of followers of the wonderful Rosalie Tenseth, and I saw the likes, the comments, the followers engage in my discussion.  You can tell I was never meant to be on-screen, since I am talking away from the screen half of the time (#stageperformerproblems) but I find Periscope as an amazing experience, and see a future for start-up artists for using this for their publicity, marketing campaign for their album releases, tutorials that their fans can engage in, etc.

so here it is!…me on screen!  Let me know what you think!


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