Lyrics Tuesday #7-I Didn’t Post Last Week-(and why one needs a break sometimes)

I am new to this whole proactive blogging thing, and that is okay.

So I decided to make sure I post once a week for a month or so, then add a day when I felt comfortable and not over my head.

Well, the inevitable happened: I got overloaded and exhausted, and overbooked!

One thing an entrepreneur needs to make sure that it is okay that this will happen, but to learn from it.

So for today’s Lyric’s Tuesday, I decided to post lyrics that always made me feel better when I slipped off the grid, or overloaded, etc.

Fiona Apple has always been a huge influence to me, and her lyrics are timeless for those freethinkers, lovers, machines, dreamers, souls that need helping, you name it!

So here is to you Fiona, and thank you for always getting me back on track!

“Waltz (Better Than Fine)”

If you don’t have a song
To sing you’re okay
You know how to get along

If you don’t have a date
Go out and sit on the lawn
And do nothing
‘Cause it’s just what you must do
Nobody does it anymore

No I don’t believe in the wasting of time,
But I don’t believe that I’m wasting mine

If you don’t have a point to make
Don’t sweat it
You’ll make a sharp one being so kind
And I’d sure appreciate it
Everyone else’s goal’s to get big headed
Why should I follow that beat being that I’m
Better than fine


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