How Networking is the Best Working


Photo credit by Jen Boylen, 2014

In the arts and entertainment field, it is best to say that it is the toughest field to assimilate into without talking to a variety of other people.  You can have a PHD at NYU for Music Merchandising (an example of a degree, not reflective of NYU’s programs…you get the picture!) or be among the award-winning writers/photographers in Mississippi, but your talents and achievements need to also include the fact that you, as a talented and versatile entity, can and will connect well with others for prospective projects, jobs, on-set, basically anywhere!

So, where do you meet people like you?  The internet is wayyy too broad!  And as much as I pride my group, Women Artist Unite! on Facebook, cyber networking can only go so far! (But join anyway, because I will be posting about a female artist per day starting August 1st!)


Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Laurel McGann, 2015

So I speak to all artists or all arts industry members to do one thing.  Work for networking!


Research!  Use the internet to find local events near you!  In NYC, it is amazing how many groups are out there for the arts, as well as how many artists of different shapes and sizes go!  If you are not near such events or want to find other avenues…

Go to Events!  Art exhibits, seminars, concerts, mixers, you name it!  the best way to get involved is to immerse yourself into the profession, and watch the magic happen!

And most importantly, speaking from someone who was as shy as a clam (for those who know me personally, this is a shocker, since I am constantly compared to Leslie Knope on occasions), get your tush out there!  Make friends, go to events where you don’t normally feel comfortable. Be yourself! And don’t let statistics tell you how to do this.  It is up to you, and not what the dictionary defines.

So tonight, I share with you the place I call my home, the place that made me start to find happiness in what I do!

Film Interchange, founded by the wonderfully talented and ambitious, Jenn Mello, welcomes all artists alike to exchange ideas about film though though-provoking seminars, meet-and-greets, and allowing a calming space for those who are seeking to find their spotlight.

Want to know more about this specific company?

Check out there website, and, check out highlights from last night’s event!  Where Jenn hosted the wonderful Elisabeth Holm to speak about producing films such as Obvious Child!

Another amazing event to come up is Entertainment Talk Shop, on 7/28.  A free event where you shmooze with fellow artists, and meet amazing people from any sort of field!

And Happy Working in Networking 🙂


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