Why I Do What I Do

Composing, marketing, publicist.

These things don’t normally formulate a career path.

Nor do these two worlds, creative and administrative, emerge into one being.

But as a composer, I have seen my work performed, but had no idea how to get more buzz on my pieces.

So I went to school for Arts Management, got a piece a paper in hand saying I can work in the world of arts as a manager in any form, and that is what I sought out to do.  Not only will I continue to write, but know how to promote myself, market events, releases, etc.

Then I saw fellow composers, performers, writers, artists, struggling to do the same.  Some with such grace, talent, and originality, but stuck in social media and keeping their work close to where their friends were.

Music isn’t exclusive, nor should it be. And one should not fear to broaden outside of their box.  Therefore, as an artist with a knack to getting into the business side as much as possible, I urge my friends and fellow performers to do what ever it takes to get their name out there.

So Why do I wear many hats?  It is comfortable, yet a fun challenge to balance. And only three hats, not 10!


I feel at ease knowing I can do my own projects, promote my own things, and since I don’t gig as often as most artists, work on helping fellow artists get their feet wet with promoting themselves, matchmaking them with publishers and other artists, and have them not only seen, but heard! I also am doing what I do best, and keeping my list of skills to a minimal according to how well I can manage these endeavors.

Am I a superhero? No. That is pretty pretentious to say.  But I love what I do, and do what I love, and that is all I need to know to continue surviving in this crazy industry!


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