Two Tear Drops for Two Birds

In homage to two of my inspirations, Robin Williams and Amy Winehouse, here is a poem I wrote up awhile back:


It takes just one

To fall,

To catch,

To cement into one’s cells.

And that one drop

lingers about,

And can mean everything,

As your eyes continue to swell.

But you shadow your internal fight

with laughter, music and light.

The drop it seems

To define sadness

But to some, it gleams

Showing all gladness.

And One turns into Two,

Ever cementing to your pores,

But you continue to hide

Bravery forevermore.

They say the ones who shine

Usually eyes soaked

Hiding tear drops

Reluctantly or distinguishable

With song and jokes.

In cases like these,

Jokers and muses,

Are not just what they seem,

But everything, and anything in spaces.

Tears do dry,

And people do go on

With their days, weeks,

and so on’s.

But for others,

The shadows simmer,

Making it easy to hinder.

A Joker and a Musician

Says what others don’t dare,

But for two song birds, they couldn’t bare.

Their fate awaiting them,

And so they flew

Leaving their legacies entombed.

The stain that lingers

On the cheek that cries

Means something

Every single time.

So don’t turn yours

to the misunderstood

For tear drops single emotion

And and all emotions,  to all their worth.

Rest in peace to two birds that gleam

brighter than the tears I shed

for your physical leave.

Fly Away to peace,

And I will sing praises

For all you give me

To continue life,

Through comedy and musings.

-For Amy and Robin, always ❤


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