Why I Have Not Blogged in Awhile, and That is Okay!

Yes, this isn’t the greatest for someone starting out their own practice as a marketing consultant and publicist.

But, it is good when you are doing the following, which I have done:

  • Reflecting on my business skills and practices
  • Re-creating my approach with working with artists
  • Finding a new, steady job to help fund my future
  • Refocusing on my career path
  • Enjoying my music and switching over publishers

And most importantly….DRUM ROLL….

Practicing my LSATS!  Yes that is right, I will be prospectively joining my peers in the life of law, and plan on focusing my career on copyright law for musicians.  I want to make sure artists know the legal steps to protect their music, as well as help them form a plan when finding a publicist, manager, booking agent, and a publisher.

I have seen artists successfully find a great fit with all of their business partners, but not many, and have found that I want to be that person to help get them on their feet.

So I may not blog as often, but until I get into my groove, you will see posts about my journey of getting into law school, the passions behind my learning experience, and how I am fitting in (successfully) marketing and publicity clients, as well as composing for many mediums.

Now you know, and now watch out, because I am a go-getter!


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