This is so exciting! (Short Film Release!)

I’m back!

I have been working on so many projects, checking out scholastic options, changed jobs, lifestyle choices, all the things!  In just two months!

I also have been composing more, playing more, singing more, etc. And it feels amazing!  I no longer have the stresses that held onto my creativity!  I also made hard choices of taking a step back from marketing for artists and starter up businesses, which, again, difficult choices, but an amazing path for creativity.

That being said, I am proud to announce that I composed for a short film recently, and it has been BLOWING UP!

I want to share this with you all, since it is so topical, yet amazing with nailing dark comedy.

So please, watch the creation!  It is truly alive!

If you like what you see, follow us on Facebook at White Privilege Frankenstein, share with your friends using #wpf!

The following have seen our 1000 viewed video, and did this:

“Jesse Williams of Grey’s Anatomy posted about us on Tumblr“.

“Charles Blow from the NY Times quoted the short on Twitter“.


Watch below!



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