Who Are These People?

Everything I ever wanted to say. Thank you, Christain and Ken!



We inhabit a world that is filled with so much natural beauty.  It is all around us.  If we can find a spot on the Earth that is not beautiful, that is ugly, chances are it is the actions of human beings that have made it so.

Who are the people whose lives have such a deficit of appreciation of our world that they busy themselves with activities that pollute, destroy, and render increasingly vast areas of our planet deathly shadows of what they once were?  But not only that, these same people also demonstrate a similar disregard for human life.  Of course, if one is contemptuous of the Earth that is an inescapable show of contempt for human life as well.  Because we depend upon a healthy Earth to be healthy ourselves.

There is much information available on the internet and elsewhere about who is abusing our planet.  But…

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