Roller Coaster

The comparison of life to this recreational assimilates with many life obstacles.

We go through roller coasters of emotions, ups and downs and turns when life gets hectic, the analogy is even used for when you are so excited it is equivalent to being on top of a roller coaster, waiting for the big drop to happen.

I find the analogy intriguing, yet wonder why we must feel  so afraid of the ups and downs. Why do we fear the inevitable tosses and turns of life, our salad mixers are sturdy in our hands, yet we tend to hesitate to stir the create a colorful work of art that our talents can absolutely create.

Life jolts us; unexpected deaths, losing a job, failing a project, depression, anxiety, mania. All extreme to  different people, and all are okay. These make us human. Having things “just-so” is impossible.

For example: You tear your tights after months of preparing for this big project. Folders labeled and allocated, your meditation clearing your mind each night in preparation. You could be suffering depression, your anxiety can be unmanageable, but you jumped those internal hurdles to make yourself mentally ready, and find a peace of mind to make this presentation perfect. Then you hop on the train, and someone with a sharp umbrella accidentally rips your tights as you are leaving for your stop.

This is a perfect example of a roller coaster situation. All ups and downs, jolts and turns, and as soon as the car stops, you have two decisions: break down and give up, or you breath , let a tear or two out, and find the nearest CVS for the cheapest pair to get you through this big, pivotal meeting.

Life will always throw you these situations, and they can be a build up of completing a project you are passionate about, that will lead you to better opportunities. Or these roller coasters could be your everyday life; the trials of getting out of bed, the next jolt of washing your face, making breakfast while conquering the crippling anxiety of putting food into your stomach for the fear of being “fat” or “ugly”.

Life in the arts is fast-paced. In any job, really, but in the arts, perfection is in high pressure. Facing personal obstacles along with pivotal career-moving opportunities  go hand-in-hand. Learning to balance your emotions and skills is tough, but possible. You got to move with every opportunity and sometimes put your mental state aside. Sometimes you need to sit one out, and take care of you. It sometimes seems unfair, sometimes you won’t have empathetic peers, but should that stop you?

You are your own person. Your sadness is beautiful, your anxiety shows you care, your depression is heartbreaking, but shows you are a strong person. You matter, and these hitches should make you become a better you. These Desmond I call them, will always be there, sometimes peaking its ugly head out when everything is amazing. It becomes a sudden backwards track, but it is up to you if you want to channel these emotions with your work to show resilience.

The roller coasters of life are inevitable, but are as inevitable as the beauty you make, the projects you create, the tasks at work you complete and conquer.

Never let a roller coaster guide you, you take hold of those bars, eyes open and forward, anticipating the next movement with the mind-set, “challenge accepted “.  You are a person who matters, and my friends in the arts, ou can so do this. Hang tight, and make the ride you embark something to hone.

Fight your internal fights, you will make an impact. Do at your own pace, because your health matters.


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