Top Ten Female Rockers You Must Pay Attention To

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Allison Duggan, Label Manager, September 2nd, 2016

 When did we decide that rock was dead? Ann and Nancy Wilson are still rocking it, proving that their music is still chill-giving at the 2012 Kennedy Center Honors. Melissa Etheridge is making noise still, proving that rock and soul are in the same roots. Women have always made a mark in music, whether it be pop, rock, or R&B. In a world that is fascinated and focused on pop music, it is time to give these rock goddesses an ear to listen to.  Women are still making a huge impact on rock music, and these ten artists are not only shredding, but belting, performing, and writing their feelings away as much as their predecessors.

10.Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards-Deep Valley

A small duo with a whole ‘lotta sound! Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards tear it up with an 80s metal…

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