What This Election Cannot Change

Check out this really amazing blog I wrote for @6/8 Records. So much feeling with this post!

6/8 Music Blog

Allison Duggan, Label Manager

To be apolitical, the past year has been a dividing one for our country. We have faced backlash from each other, violence, harassment, shootings and plenty of events that were linked to the election and to the state of our country.  We are raw from the past election, and no matter what side one has voted for, the fight continues.

Music is a strong force, and a strong force that we should use to not only heal but to use to express ourselves and create a movement. As Leonard Bernstein so eloquently put it…leonard-bernstein-quotes-4-1372770545-view-0.jpg

You need to create art and make it even more powerful during the most difficult times. This quote was stated afterKennedy’s Assassination, when the country was in utter despair and shock of President John F. Kennedy’s demise. Bernstein curated a concert to commemorate the emotions he felt as well as how the country…

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