Dear Number 45: A Letter from a Passionate Jew

First off, thank you, Google Chrome for creating and implementing the  “Make America Kittens Again” extension.  Seriously saving up on my therapist bills!

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But to the person I am writing to, a businessman built off his father’s money, a frequent flier in the court room as the defense on multiple lawsuits, a multi-bankrupt businessman who blames these problems on the workers at his establishments, a hater of Rosie O’Donnell (no source needed), a bigot with the handicapped, a misogynist, anti-female rights, anti-public education, anti-gay, and a person who would rather throw condemn over Amazon than groups like the KKK, Alt-Right movers, and Nazis rioting in the streets of our country, creating fear, hate, and counter-protests that are resulting in fatalities.


As an American Jew, I learned what hate was in Hebrew school at age 8. I learned about all the horrors and what happened with hate running the country. The amount of deaths is still haunting to me, the songs and hymns written after the Holocaust resonate in me. To see the Nazi Flag is a trigger, and it causes me fear. I do not want to live in a country where we repeat the same unspeakable measures. There are only two sides: Hate and Acceptance.


I am sorry for your children. I am sorry for Melania, who is an immigrant, and for some miracle, is somehow still by your side (somewhat).  They have their male-figure protecting those who cause hate and danger.

And no, This isn’t because I am a “snowflake”, or a “libtard”, or a Jew that grew up on Long Island, used to her NYC bubble.  This is a female who happens to be a Jew from Nassau County who is fearful to go to her job in the city, or to go to a new location where she knows hate-groups exists, who is lucky her last name is Irish. There are people in much worse situations than I, but I am one to be next to those people as much as I can, because I truly care for others.  I wish you did too.

And hey, 45, maybe you should watch this clip. He is dressed like someone you know, but it is in fact, Charlie Chaplin in his most iconic role before he was exiled from America due to Communist claims.  Watch it, maybe you will learn something.


A True American